Committed with the Development of Our Employees, Their Communities, and Environmental Care

Social Commitment

Allocating resources and developing programs to boost the growth of our employees and their families, meeting all our customers' needs, developing long term relationships with our suppliers, and strengthening the bonds of friendship with all the communities in which we operate.

Recognition of Academic Excellence

Every year the Company organizes an event where the children of our employees, who get an average school grade equal or higher than 90, receive some gifts in recognition of their effort and success in school.

Community Activity

In coordination with Instituto Don Bosco, volunteers from CIFUNSA visited the Children's Home Center "Pepita del Valle Arizpe" dedicated to rescuing and helping girls from 3 to 17 years of age who are in risk situations. The visit included a piñata, a show for children, some gifts, and lots of joy.

Community Activity

Employees made a visit to the Nursing Home "La Paz" in the city of Irapuato and donated some clothing, blankets, soap and a nice meal.