We have State of the Art Technology

State of the Art Technology

We have the latest technology to offer a complete service, ranging from design to continuous improvement in the production process.



Core Less Induction Furnaces

  • Line Frequency
    • Of 3,500 KW
    • With a Capacity of 4 Metric Tons per Hour
  • Medium Frequency
    • From 6,000 To 10,000 KW
    • With Capacity Ranging From 8 To 14 Metric Tons per Hour



  • Cold Box
  • Hot Box
  • Shell



  • Press Pour Channel Electric Furnace with a Capacity that Ranges From 200 To 500 KW
  • Automatic Pouring System With Laser Control
  • Automatic Inoculation Systems


Molding and Sand System

Vertical Molding Equipment

  • Disamatic 2013A, 2013B, 2013X, 230X, 231X, 2070B
  • Loramendi 6080D

Unmolding Systems

  • Rotatory Type
  • Vibratory Type


Sand Molding Systems

  • Mills From 60 To 100 Metric Tons per Hour 
  • Continuous Monitoring of Sand Quality
  • Sand Cooling System
  • Automatic Moisture Control 


Cooling and Finishing of Parts

  • Cooling Production Lines Ranging From 40 To 100 Meters of Length
  • Automatic Air Regulated Cooling System
  • Hydraulic Tools to Separate Gating's
  • Rotatory Drum Cleaning Equipment
  • In Line Cleaning Equipment
  • Trim Presses
  • Powder Coating


Emision Control Equipment

  • Autoregulated Pulse Jet Dust Collectors


Control Systems

  • Every Operation Control System is Based on a Standardized and Actualized PLC