Expert in Casting of Safety-Critical Components in Ductile Iron for the Automotive Industry


Engine component which transforms the linear motion of the pistons into rotatory motion to give the vehicle movement.

Bearing Caps

Supports the Crankshaft in the engine block.

Catalyst Containers

The catalyst filter, which is used to reduce the emissions of gases to the environment, is located within this piece.

Hubs and Rings

Together, they form the Damper which absorbs the vibrations of the engine and helps extend the life of the Crankshaft and allows the engine to run smoother.

Exhaust Manifolds

Its main function is to collect the hot gases generated by the combustion in the engine and expell it to the catalyitic converter.


Placed at one end of the Crankshaft, and in conjunction with the clutch system its function is to transmit motion from the engine to the gear box.